Project-A Framework

If you are looking for very-high security cheat without risk of being banned, you are at right place.

Feature 01

Humanized Aimbot

We are Humanized Aimbot is much different from other aimbots. Catch and kill your target very legitly. This way, avoid manual bans. Stay safe on your way to victory.

Feature 02

FlickBot (Silent Aim)

If you absolutely have to kill your opponent in a round that will lead you to victory, hit flick button and don't risk it.

Feature 03


You can work wonders with Sniper. Your opponent will be dead before they even see you, and you will never miss him.

Feature 04

Very-High Security

Run different codes at each startup thanks to Metamorphic/Polymorphic code engine. With advanced virtualization, we still keep the codes encrypted without decoding them in memory. Each time you run cheat, 80-90% different signatures.

Feature 05

High Performance

Use all data correctly with high performance with 2-3ms delay. No unplanned error/bug, no high memory/cpu usage!

Feature 06

Easy To Use

Just set it up and start using it with one click. If you want, admin will do all necessary setup for you.

Limited Slot Base

Be one of lucky ones with a limited of slots. Stay safe without attracting attention with slot system.

150/month (first)
  • Humanized Aimbot
  • FlickBot (Slient Aim)
  • TriggerBot
  • Bhop